Google Being Evil

Google blows up the SERP’s with their latest ‘update.’   Brick and mortar stores can no longer be found in the search results … and then a week later they get a letter like this from Google.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  This is Google killing the search results so that they can entice legit companies to buy advertising.  It is the epitome of doing evil.

This line especially bugs me, “Prospective customers however, tend to search by topic and location (e.g. “wedding flowers vancouver”), in which case it’s likely your business won’t show up.”

Why not Google? Why would you not show a ‘prospective customer’ who is looking for wedding flowers in Vancouver my site? Are you doing this on purpose? Is it because you want me to buy advertising?  Time to find a new search engine – Google is just a little too dishonest for me – thanks for the fun and giggles though.

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Pinterest Traffic

Social traffic.

Here is what happens when a picture of yours gets repinned by an influencer on Pinterest: It gets repinned dozens if not hundreds of times and your traffic goes through the roof.


Here is what you get for income … same period of time.


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Buying Facebook Likes

When a major corporation buys likes for their Facebook page, it’s called a marketing program … and it’s a good thing. When an IM’er does it, its called friend farming … and it’s a bad thing. Double standard me thinks.

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SBI Backlinks

Upon advice received from someone I have a great deal of respect for, I’ve decided to not pursue this project any further.

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Wealthy Affiliate Spam

At some point in my past (at least 3 yrs ago), I signed up for The Wealthy Affiliate Spam  program. Typical of most of these systems, they are heavy on the promises and light on the execution. I never really understood what I was supposed to be doing and I never made a cent tying to figure out what to do next. So I quit the program. After a bunch of spam emails trying to entice me back they finally left me alone.

Then, out of the blue I started getting spam from them again trying to suck me back into the Wealthy Affiliate Spam program. I’m seriously not interested … I did not ask to be ‘informed’ of anything to do with them … and I’m certainly not going to give them any more of my money. I figured that after a couple of days they would go away. Nope … typical spammers … once they latch onto your email address they NEVER let go. This is one of the sure signs of a Guru scammer. They think they own your email address.

The emails come usually once a day … with all the typical dumb spammy internet marketing crap. They’ve tried being my friend … they’ve used the scarcity principle (limited time offer), and they’ve tried to suck me in with the scammers $2 dollar offer. This last email, they are almost making fun of me … ‘two measly bucks!’ as if there is something wrong with me for not signing up.

The worst part of these guys is that they do not have anyway of opting out of their spamming email list. You know they are the lowest of the lowest scum when they are too cheep to use an automated opt out program.

Kyle and Carson: (The owners of The Wealthy Affiliate Spam Program) … GO AWAY!!! Leave me alone!  And a message to anyone who might be tempted to try this crap, beware of the tactics that they use from the start. Is this the type of people that you want to give your credit card to?

Here is the most recent spam from them … such typical IM crap!

Kyle here and I have a story for you. I have a buddy that always beats around the bush when it comes to paying his debts. If we are at a restaurant, he does whatever it takes to be away from the table when the bill comes. When he owes you money, he has some sort of excuse as to why we can’t pay you back. He is cheap!

What does this have to do with a t-rex?

Well, that is what his nickname is. Here is where this name stems from…

Like a t-rex (the dinosaur), his arms are so short…so short he can’t reach his wallet out of his back pocket.

OK, I am definitely not calling you cheap here. I just wanted to share this story with you and let you know that WA is only $2.

$2 bleepin’ dollars.

Yeah, $2 measily little one dollar bills. Maybe even a bunch of dimes and some nickels!

Full access to $1,000’s in resources, training, tools, services and of course our one on one support. Are you saying that my time isn’t worth $2 for a whole month? That is some cheap labor by any standards.

So, moral of today’s story. Don’t be a t-rex like my friend. Reach into that back pocket, in between your couch cushions, or in your car ash tray for $2 because that is all you are going to need to get world class training at the top Internet Marketing School online, Wealthy Affiliate.



This is the very last time we will contact you about this. I hope you take advantage of it and I truly hope to see you on the other side.

Take it easy,

Kyle (& Carson)
Wealthy Affiliate

I’m gonna go throw up now … laters.

EDIT:  So the spamming stopped for a while after the above email I received from them.  But … they’re baaaack.  Like a bad hemroid, these guys just won’t go away.  Last week I got spammed again with their typical Guru junk trying to entice noobs with their ‘All New’ product.  Don’t be fooled people – it’s the same old JUNK that these guys have been pushing on noobs for years.

Hey ****,

How does interactive training on the hottest topics related to creating a successful business online sound? Each and every week we offer all Premium members at Wealthy Affiliate a brand new live training class where they can get up to speed with a new making money strategy, a new way to boost their conversions, or a new way to get more traffic and rankings from the search engines.

These are PURE VALUE!

Remember, you will be getting access to these live training classes if you take us up on our “We Want You Back $10 Offer”, meaning you are going to get over FOUR HOURS of live video classes you can attend in the upcoming month!

Ack!! Pure vomit! This sort of sickening syrupy sales letters should be your first warning about what these guys are trying to do to you. They want to remove money from your wallet – that’s it! Don’t get sucked in!

Go away Kyle!

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Hubpages Blows

Hahaha – oh Hubpages, we were once an item. We worked so well together … you with your wonderful reputation with Google and me with my keyword focused content. We made sweet, sweet music together. Then you blew it. You published too much crap and got spanked. But, instead of punting the poor performers, you turned on those of us who worked within your guidelines. Messing with my pages … removing my internal links and generally making a mess of things. And now you suck.

So when I got this survey from you, I felt a glimmer of hope … maybe you do care for me after all! But then I see it is only one question … and a dumb one at that. Hubpages blows – why would I recommend you to people I call friends? Why don’t you work with us and figure out how to try to fix the mess you’ve made of things? That would have been a good set of questions. But no, you want to know if you are still the prettiest and most popular girl in school (you’re not!)

Oh … one more thing. I don’t trust you. There is NO WAY I will give you my honest opinion on a survey like this AND give you my User Name. You screwed me once, I’m not going to give you a chance to do it again.

Goodbye Hubpages. It was nice but it’s over now. Don’t call me … I’ll call you (not.)

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TKA 2.0: Is Mark the new Griz?

or … maybe Mark is Griz. lol.

So Griz falls off the edge of the earth, and a couple of weeks later Mark pops up and whips out TKA 2.0. (Is Mark really Griz? You never see the two of them in the same room … it’s either one or the other – never both.  Hmmmm.)

What is TKA 2.0 you might ask? Well, it is lots of things, but the main difference is that content is no longer thin and crappy. TKA 2.0 is now the home of the Epic Post!

First off, let me say that deep down inside I like the direction that Mark 2.0 is going. I’ve always been uneasy with producing copious amounts of crap content for a few bucks. In the real world, if you sold your customers nothing but junk, you would eventually run out of suckers (customers) and go out of business. The same idea applies online. There is some definite short term gain from putting up reams of content however thin, but in the long run you are really ‘selling’ junk to your customers. If you give them a face full of junk every time they drop by, eventually they will get tired of it and stop coming. Enter the Epic Post.

Mark 2.0 does not call his new content guidelines ‘Epic Posts’ … Griz did – way back in 2006 I think. Griz is/was famous for his long winded but very complete and informative posts about Making Money Online with his Blogger blog. Back when Griz was doing his thing, it was nothing for him to whip up a 3 or 4 thousand word post. Those posts were great! They flowed, were chock full of nutritious information and generated tones of questions and comments (free content.) Griz was the master of taking a keyword, and writing a long-tail keyword stuffed post that left you breathless when it was over.

Mark 2.0 (aka Griz) is now espousing the same type of content … rich and filling with none of the bloating. Mark says, ‘think of the searcher as your customer.’ Quality content is now king. Everything you write should be with the searcher in mind. Give them more than what they are looking for … leave them quivering and begging for more when you are done with them. (OK, enough of the metaphors … lol.) With this type of content, Mark believes that your site will be safe from the Google b*tch slap that so many of us have experienced. The content will just be too good to slap. Now, on this point, I’m not convinced. Because Google is using an algorithm and not humans to do the bulk of its slapping, a site with great content can still get knocked around. In fact many great sites were kicked to the curb during the last Panda algo update. However, if you do get algo kicked, you would have a good appeal case,  especially if you could get a real human to look at your site and content. So Epic Posts are not the total armour that will protect you, but they should be a good antidote if you do get hit by a poison Google algo dart.

There are other advantages to Epic Posts. The main one being natural links. Wait, where have I heard that before? Griz … Griz … Bueller … Bueller?

My goal with every new site I build is to avoid penalties and gain trust. The easiest way to do this is not to do anything other than introduce optimized content – either slowly or rapidly – makes no difference, just don’t build links. Be patient. Concentrate on optimized long tail related Posts/Pages and the SE’s will send traffic. More content = more long tail traffic. More traffic and surprise, surprise – real links will start to appear on their own or by legit means instigated by you and acceptable by G – in fact G is more than happy to give you a link themselves. (Surely some of you have learned how this is done by now?) If this sounds like just what G is looking for… it is. And it works – at least for legit sites in business niches. I’m just seeing if it will work in the cesspool niche we call IM/MMO.  – Griz.  Read about his new ‘natural links’ method here.

Real links … legit links … natural link building – it all sounds very Problogger to me. (Weren’t we supposed to make fun of Darren? Certainly not copy him.) While there are differences between ProBlogger and what Griz/Mark 2.0 teach now, the end results are the same. Good content that people will naturally link to = a natural link profile.  While Griz has completely gone over to the dark side, Mark 2.0 is still recommending building links.  And why not – it still works.  In fact the MFA method with tons of low quality backlinks still works and works well.  The question that Mark is trying to address is the longevity of it all.  In the long run, as I said earlier, I think Mark 2.0 will be a more stable and enduring way to build a site.

So, lets sum it all up.

  • Thin content is out.
  • Long Epic Posts with tones of longtail terms that provide quality information to the searcher is in.  It’s now all about the searcher/reader.
  • Backlinks – still part of the mix … for now.
  • Building a bunch of half-baked MFA sites … gone.
  • Erecting a couple of large stable sites with a good base of high quality content is in.

I like it.  Why?  It just feels good.

Thanks for listening – Milker …. out.

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I’m Confused …

Griz … the grand illusionist, has made a living reading Google’s mind. He has spent countless hours working Google over … finding weak spots to exploit and experimenting with wild abandon. The wily Ursidae has lately been advising against building massive link building. We’ve all been watching this strange development, waiting to hear the results of his various experiments and exploits of the current Google Algorithm.

(Griz … time for an update. Your minions are getting restless…. lol.)

What I’m confused about: A Noob at TKA innocently (I think) asked a question about what Griz is up to … something that many of us are asking. I was curious to hear what others thought on this topic … but as quick as the question was asked, it was shut down. The thread is now locked. The question is still out there … unanswered. I really wish Mark had taken the time to address this question and the seeming discrepancy between what Griz used to teach and what he is now doing.

Why was the thread killed? What purpose does that serve other than driving people away from TKA to try to find the answer to the question? I would love to have seen Griz weigh in on the question (he is a member of TKA) and I would love to have had Mark give a real stab at the question. There are many ways to skin a cat;  TKA and link building is one way – the ‘Fraser Method’ is another. A healthy discussion weighing the pros and cons would be a good thing. Shutting down discussion does nothing … especially when all we see when we log in to the forum is a great big red ‘X’ sucking you in. Kinda draws attention to what we apparently are not allowed to talk about.

Griz is doing what he does best = leading the pack. TKA is still, by far, the best place to learn about internet marketing and how to build a profitable site.   Are Griz and TKA now teaching two different things?

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The TKA ‘troll’ Algorithm Update

Warning – If you are not a member at TKA, please ignore the following post … it will not make any sense to you.

I’m going to refer to the following event as the TKA ‘troll’ algorithm update … lol.

So last week Mark (the owner of TKA) finally had enough of RJ, Deek (and a few others) there at TKA ridiculing other members and generally being negative toward specific people. Mark specifically told RJ and Deek to shut their flapping pie holes. Mark said it very nicely: basically saying, “if you don’t have something positive to say, sometimes it is best to say nothing. Preferable even.” Deek responded by whining to whoever would listen to him that he couldn’t say anything because people would think he was being negative. He then changed his name from Deek to ONegative as his answer to Mark … generally being a smart assed little dink.

RJ took it one step further and gave one of his long winded drawn out ‘opinion’ pieces and finished it by flipping Mark the bird with some statement how sometimes saying nothing is a bad thing, referencing some service provider who disappeared. Apparently this was Marks fault because he did not listen to RJ when he was on his rant against this service provider. Typical RJ: arrogant (I am sooo smart, and you are not) attitude.

Mark, finally having enough of RJ took him to task suggesting that he should leave TKA. Even going as far as saying he wished RJ would leave. Further, he mentioned that he was tired of RJ trying to schock his products and webinars at TKA. (Something that really bothered a lot of us – it is SOOOO cheesy to use someone else’s forum to try to draw members to your own products. The worst one is Shawn at The Content Authority and I notice that even today, he is still pointing people to his site even though Mark has done away with allowing service providers to advertise at TKA.) I won’t reprint what Mark actually wrote to RJ, as Mark has removed his statement from the forum … but Mark really let him have it. There were A LOT of people silently cheering.

As an aside, I know of 2 different forums that were created to provide a place for people to talk freely about TKA and RJ specifically. The one that I am a member of is hilarious with discussions like, “Look who got their panties in a bunch” and “I can’t stand it!” Typical conversations like:

There is one person in TKA who I used to think was just a little bit pompous. I didn’t let it get to me because he had the red badge next to his name, and I figured maybe he knew what he was talking about since he actually walked in to the forum wearing the badge.

In the past few days this person has moved from pompous ass to condescending a**h0*e who seems to believe he has truly mastered all there is to know about everything. Further, he is borderline insulting to others who have been part of TKA for as long as he has. He seems to have designated himself guardian of all that is good and pure in the Internet Marketing Universe and TKA forums. Any guesses?

Sorry. Just had to vent. I really need to avoid reading too many posts. Back to work.

Back to our latest drama:

Now, it turns out that Mark had told RJ in private that he was tired of his negativity and bullying. So, it’s not like he didn’t know that his actions were out of line … but arrogant passive aggressive types have problems seeing faults in themselves and so he ignored Marks more polite remonstrances. That was all last week …

So today, one of RJ’s fans writes “An open letter to Mark” on behalf of RJ … he has his minions do the dirty work for him. More cheezyness. People start writing to either support RJ or Mark. Deek (now ONegative), RJ’s number 2 man, jumps right in giving his opinion about how anyone who says anything bad about RJ should shut up because they are just as bad themselves. Deek, being the pansy that he is, later edits his comment to just say something about how everyone should stop the drama and that everyone should stop commenting for the good of the forum. This is absolutely hilarious coming from Deek! He’s been the center and one of the ringleaders of all the bullying, drama, riducule and general negativity on the forums … and now he’s lecturing us about creating drama??? So typical.

The funny thing to watch is how Deek is trying to deflect what Mark is pissed about. Deek keeps referring to this whole thing as just him having a different opinion than Mark … laughable! It has nothing to do with opinion, it is about him (and RJ) making fun of and ridiculing other members on Marks forum. Further, anytime somebody has a different opinion than the troll pack (RJ, Deek, Bag’oHammers, etc), they unite to gang up on that member … making smart alec comments and generally being condescending a-holes.

Mark has said several times that he wants the forum to be a respectful place where people feel free to ask questions and exchange ideas. The forum, at least until the TKA ‘troll’  update, was far from that. I do have to question the moderator (Lisa) on this point as well. She has repeatedly joined the troll pack in making fun of people who are worried about some thing or another that is going on with their sites. She is nice about it … but still encourages the ridicule by not denying it and joining in with her more gentle version of the ‘pile on’. Even during todays broohaha Lisa said “I also think some people are overly sensitive.” So when someone is ridiculing you and making fun of you on a public forum (that you pay to be a part of), and you don’t like it – according to Lisa, you are just being overly sensitive.  In that way she is still defending the behavior of RJ and his gang of trolls.

RJ who has not left TKA … has apparently apologized to Mark in private and did so on the forum as well. Of course he mentions nothing to any of the other members that he’s been a total jerk to. This is true to form … he won’t leave TKA because his ego needs the stroking. He will apologize to Mark because he recognizes that Mark is the alpha wolf here – but the rest of the pee-ons that he has made fun of over the past year with his ‘honesty’ and ‘straight talk’ can just suck it. Those that have left TKA because of RJ’s rude comments (6 that I know of … which means that there are probably many more) can suck it too I guess.

One of the people who signed up to TKA through my recommendation asked me the most telling question, “Why do they hate beginners so much here?” I guess that pretty much sums it up. Hopefully the ‘TKA ‘troll’ update’ will correct this perception.

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SPLORK is My New Favorite IM Blogger

I get ready for the day. I slip into my favorite cloak, light the lantern and place it high on the stern, locate a staff to guide my vessel through the sewage as I twirl my mustache with a knowing nod to my mystical powers.

Who writes like that anymore?!?  Love it … and SOOO true.

Splork, sometimes foul mouthed, sometimes out to lunch but usually very funny:

Check out A Day In The Life of An Internet Marketer.

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