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Noobs and COD4

If you are a gamer – specifically Call of Duty, this post will make sense. Otherwise this will all seem a little weird and juvenile. lol. ┬áIf you are a COD4 gamer, I would love to hear your comments on … Continue reading

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Self-Appointed Internet Marketing Guru’s and Their Egos

Internet marketing these days is all about the gurus. Everyone’s an expert. Every one of them makes loads of money … (ya, right!) And everyone who makes a couple of bucks online fancies themselves a guru. You do NOT want … Continue reading

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How Far Will You Go?

RT over at Untwisted Vortex posts a very interesting IM question this week. “How Far Will You Go?” He asks this question in relation to how internet marketing seems to be so full of manipulation. Not overt, ‘I’m going to … Continue reading

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