Self-Appointed Internet Marketing Guru’s and Their Egos

Internet marketing these days is all about the gurus. Everyone’s an expert. Every one of them makes loads of money … (ya, right!) And everyone who makes a couple of bucks online fancies themselves a guru. You do NOT want to get caught up in the toilet-bowl that is their little universe. It is a total time-sucker and you’ll be swimming with logs of crap.

Here are 10 Characteristics of the Self-Appointed IM Guru

1. Their opinion about something is always stated as fact and you dare not question it.

2. If you disagree with their opinion, they will attack you personally. See Brian Clark attack on Lissie.

3. The rove in packs – with often 2 or 3 ganging up on people that question them.

4. They have groupies. Mindless fans that fawn over their every word, often telling them how great and how wonderful they are. Guru’s and their Ego’s love this.

5. They tend to make smart comments when a noob asks a dumb question.

6. They can write reams of crap and not say anything remotely helpful. This makes the groupies fawn and sweat which in turn feeds the Guru’s ego. It’s a win-win thing.

7. They will steal news and ideas they hear and read elsewhere and pass it off as their own.

8. Nothing is ever free with them. It’s always just a $97 ebook, or $37 piece of software away.

9. Most, (but not all) are list-building spammers. Once they get a grip on your email address, they never let go.

10. They are vampires. They don’t care about you. As long as you have a bit of blood (money) in you, they will continue to suck. When you’re dry – they drop you and move on to the ‘next project’.

Thank goodness there are good Internet Marketing people out there! People who will reply to your email – who are not trying to sell you something and who genuinely love to help people.

Here are a few of my favorites.

There are more I am sure, but these are ones that I know are not out to suck you dry.

Please comment if there are some that I’ve missed.
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10 Responses to Self-Appointed Internet Marketing Guru’s and Their Egos

  1. Tracey says:

    Hey! Thanks for the link – much appreciated. All the best 🙂 Tracey

  2. lissie says:

    Thanks mate – not sure I deserve to be top of that list though!

  3. Milker says:

    @Tracey NP, and thanks for all the great content that you’ve put out.


  4. Milker says:

    lol Lis. It really wasn’t a list based on importance … it was just a list of the people who I read and enjoy and who aren’t pompous ego maniacs like so many that we know.

  5. Griz says:

    I see I am in very good company – thanks for the nod. Always appreciated!


  6. Dave says:

    Can’t think of anyone else that you have missed 😉

    I see on your latest post that Grizz’s latest article has gotten to you too. When this game becomes social I am going to live in a cave.

    Re the Gurus. Way I see it is that if they have to make a living selling an ebook then you don’t need to buy it to know it is crap and that there is more informative free information readily available. The problem is that people think the big guys have all the answers, they don’t. They are just masters of manipulation.

    Great list by the way. I read them all.

  7. Dave says:

    Hey, I am in the blogroll. I didn’t even know.

    Thanks Dude.

    Maybe I should actually take a look at the links I have to my site 😉

  8. Milker says:

    Hey Dave – Thanks for dropping by.

    I hear ya about the whole social scene. I’ve been working twitter (I actually follow you … lol) and Facebook in my personal life for a while now. When I’m working with my friends and family, I find I actually enjoy the social stuff. Trouble is, I don’t want to be ‘that friend’ that is always trying to hawk Amway, or sign their friends up to some other MLM system. That’s what I feel I’m doing when I start tweeting about purple throw rugs and pink cel phone covers, etc. I’m not entirely sure how to make the two (personal and IM) compatible.

    As far as working forums and chat groups – again, I don’t mind doing it in my personal life when I’m talking about things that I actual do or hobbies of mine – I just can’t stand blathering on about crap that I only write about because the keyword is green. lol.

    Anyway – If Griz hates the social scene as much and you and I do, I’m sure he’ll come up with a way of working it without actually selling his soul.

    Have a great day Dave!

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  10. Hospitalera says:

    Great list, but you might want to update some of the urls 😉 Some have changed their domains, and some like Allyn, have taken down most of their content. SY

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