I’m Confused …

Griz … the grand illusionist, has made a living reading Google’s mind. He has spent countless hours working Google over … finding weak spots to exploit and experimenting with wild abandon. The wily Ursidae has lately been advising against building massive link building. We’ve all been watching this strange development, waiting to hear the results of his various experiments and exploits of the current Google Algorithm.

(Griz … time for an update. Your minions are getting restless…. lol.)

What I’m confused about: A Noob at TKA innocently (I think) asked a question about what Griz is up to … something that many of us are asking. I was curious to hear what others thought on this topic … but as quick as the question was asked, it was shut down. The thread is now locked. The question is still out there … unanswered. I really wish Mark had taken the time to address this question and the seeming discrepancy between what Griz used to teach and what he is now doing.

Why was the thread killed? What purpose does that serve other than driving people away from TKA to try to find the answer to the question? I would love to have seen Griz weigh in on the question (he is a member of TKA) and I would love to have had Mark give a real stab at the question. There are many ways to skin a cat;  TKA and link building is one way – the ‘Fraser Method’ is another. A healthy discussion weighing the pros and cons would be a good thing. Shutting down discussion does nothing … especially when all we see when we log in to the forum is a great big red ‘X’ sucking you in. Kinda draws attention to what we apparently are not allowed to talk about.

Griz is doing what he does best = leading the pack. TKA is still, by far, the best place to learn about internet marketing and how to build a profitable site.   Are Griz and TKA now teaching two different things?

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5 Responses to I’m Confused …

  1. Mike says:

    Court left at the perfect time. BTW have you ever heard of Mark before Griz? I was curious what his actual website is.

  2. Milker says:

    Hey Mike – I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I certainly saw Mark and Court working together when I first joined TKA. I found TKA pretty much at the same time as I found Griz … they all sort of recommend and talk to and about each other. I think Mark is very capable of carrying on TKA without Court …

    I’ve seen a couple of Marks websites, but I’ve never seen or heard him advertise them on TKA, so I will not post the links here. He’s has been involved in a number of what I would call money/self help/IM ventures, so TKA is a good fit for what he seems to have been doing in the past.

    My thoughts are more about whether the new Griz is the new way of internet marketing. I think that backlinks will always be important, but I wonder how much longer the Postrunner/BMR way of getting links will be effective.

    I’m really beginning to work the social angle … not for traffic, but for backlinks. I’m experimenting with some Twitter accounts and Facebook pages to find out which brings more links: helpful posts or outrageous posts. So far its a draw …

  3. Mike says:

    Just curious about mark’s own sites, cause whenever he brings up example sites it’s always the TKA or courtneytuttle.com. Maybe he’s brought it up in the past, I dunno, only been a member for 6 months.

    Did you get slapped recently? My crap sites continue to increase in traffic. My money sites too. My link launderers didn’t increase or decrease, but one of my auto blogs got slapped.

  4. Milker says:

    He has mentioned a couple in the past: ScooterSam.com, and colorardoLasikSurgeryGuide.com. Both are sites that he built to show what we do at TKA … they might not look like much, but they get the traffic and are both well placed in the SERPS.

    Somebody slapped 1 Hub of mine … I’m not sure if it was Google or Hubpages. That hub was making between $400 and $500 per month for me, so it’s been a big hit. My other sites and Hubs are all steady or moving up.

    A lot of legitimate sites got hit with the Farmer/Panda update in late Feb and I understand that it rolled out internationally recently. That is likely what got your site. Check out this site for some results: Search Engine Watch.

  5. Mike says:

    The only site that got hit is one of my autoblogs. I’m starting to replace my autoblogs with PR sites. My 6 month old PR site is actually making decent money ($10-15/day from adsense and $2 from infolinks).

    That alone is worth joining the TKA, it’ll probably make more when the future PR rules are applied.

    Griz should post soon, the last thing I learned from him is report your competition lol

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