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Wealthy Affiliate Spam

At some point in my past (at least 3 yrs ago), I signed up for The Wealthy Affiliate Spam ┬áprogram. Typical of most of these systems, they are heavy on the promises and light on the execution. I never really … Continue reading

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Hubpages Blows

Hahaha – oh Hubpages, we were once an item. We worked so well together … you with your wonderful reputation with Google and me with my keyword focused content. We made sweet, sweet music together. Then you blew it. You … Continue reading

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TKA 2.0: Is Mark the new Griz?

or … maybe Mark is Griz. lol. So Griz falls off the edge of the earth, and a couple of weeks later Mark pops up and whips out TKA 2.0. (Is Mark really Griz? You never see the two of … Continue reading

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