Hubpages Blows

Hahaha – oh Hubpages, we were once an item. We worked so well together … you with your wonderful reputation with Google and me with my keyword focused content. We made sweet, sweet music together. Then you blew it. You published too much crap and got spanked. But, instead of punting the poor performers, you turned on those of us who worked within your guidelines. Messing with my pages … removing my internal links and generally making a mess of things. And now you suck.

So when I got this survey from you, I felt a glimmer of hope … maybe you do care for me after all! But then I see it is only one question … and a dumb one at that. Hubpages blows – why would I recommend you to people I call friends? Why don’t you work with us and figure out how to try to fix the mess you’ve made of things? That would have been a good set of questions. But no, you want to know if you are still the prettiest and most popular girl in school (you’re not!)

Oh … one more thing. I don’t trust you. There is NO WAY I will give you my honest opinion on a survey like this AND give you my User Name. You screwed me once, I’m not going to give you a chance to do it again.

Goodbye Hubpages. It was nice but it’s over now. Don’t call me … I’ll call you (not.)

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