Google Being Evil

Google blows up the SERP’s with their latest ‘update.’   Brick and mortar stores can no longer be found in the search results … and then a week later they get a letter like this from Google.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  This is Google killing the search results so that they can entice legit companies to buy advertising.  It is the epitome of doing evil.

This line especially bugs me, “Prospective customers however, tend to search by topic and location (e.g. “wedding flowers vancouver”), in which case it’s likely your business won’t show up.”

Why not Google? Why would you not show a ‘prospective customer’ who is looking for wedding flowers in Vancouver my site? Are you doing this on purpose? Is it because you want me to buy advertising?  Time to find a new search engine – Google is just a little too dishonest for me – thanks for the fun and giggles though.

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  1. Leo Dimilo says:

    The issue probably isn’t as insidious as it sounds…just 2 different departments of the same company that probably aren’t connected in any way other than the fact that they are under the corporate entity. Still, if penguin nailed someone (and they knew it) then this letter would have to make them a bit suspicious.

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