I am merely one step above noobism myself.  To those who are more experienced in the world of internet marketing, I am still likely considered a noob, or at least to have certain noobish tendencies.  However, I’ve learned enough to no longer be considered a complete beginner and so I no longer consider myself a noob.

I’ve wanted a place to put some some of my thoughts, experiments and things I’ve learned for some time now, but did not have the impetus to start.  However, a string of comments on a blog post by Griz gave me the perfect title and is that shot in the arm that I needed.  (If you don’t know who Griz is, stick around for a while, as he will be prominently profiled and liberally quoted on this blog.)

I became interrested in the world of internet marketing and blogging in particular about 4 yrs ago.  At that time my wife and I had a couple of personal blogs where we noted the minutia of our muddled lives.  Fortunately for us, because we had chosen a rather odd  place to call home, people became interested in our lives and began to frequent our blogs.  My wife then started a social blog about crafts.  That blog meandered along for about a year slowly gaining respectability in the craft world but never really taking off.   After sitting down one evening to discuss what we were doing with this blog and where we thought it was going, we decided to hire a blog mentor – a coach.  After spending a couple of thousand dollars getting our blog completely revamped, we embarked on a path of social blogging that continues today.  That blog is now a well regarded craft blog and is able to garner significant advertising revenue.  This process took almost 4 years and countless hours.  There had to be something better.  Even though we were successful, the time to reach that point and the pure effort required to stay at the top of the pile just did not seem worth it.

Then about 8 months ago, I happened to land on the blog of Grizzly Brears called How To Make Money Online for Beginners (Edit:  The original MMOFB blog was deleted by Blogger some time in late 2010.  The information from that site is now found on Griz’s personal blog at GrizzlyBrears.com.)   This was the beginning of an eye-opening that goes on even now.  I was amazed at his frank writing that told me basically everything that we were doing was wrong …. was the hard way – and I knew in my gut that he was right.  The work that, my wife especially, was doing was just not worth the couple of thousand that the blog was bringing in.  Griz opened my eyes to what was possible if I were to become a real internet marketer instead of a social blogger.  He pounded it into me that content was NOT king but that backlinks were.

His blog is an absolute treasure trove of information, however he never intended for it to become a social blog (which it most certainly is today) and so the information is well scattered and hard to dig out.  Basically, the only way to get the information is to, as he says, pour yourself a cup of coffee and start reading.  Griz is a prolific writer, and so his posts often run well into the thousands of words, and then each post usually has at least 100 comments, all of which need to be read if you are to get all the goodness sucked out of his blog.  The time is well worth it!

I made a few attempts to take what Griz taught and apply it myself, but found that I needed something more.  I needed more organization – you see, I was a total and complete noob.  Enter Mark and Court at The Keyword Academy.  Their program provides a step-by-step plan meant for noobs on how to become an internet marketer.  They hold the little pudgy noob hands, gently teaching them the beginning steps, the subtle beginnings of what Griz teaches to his more sophisticated and marketing savvy readers.

I’ve been a member at The Academy for a while now, and while I cannot quit my day job with the money I am making, I am well on my way to creating a permanent passive income from the internet.   The learning curve is steep at the beginning, but I’m now well on the way.  I’ve even got involved in some other projects that should augment my income even more within about a year.

The beauty of doing internet marketing the right way is that the money is passive and once you set the machine in motion, it should continue to run with little further input from you.

So that is me … I hope you enjoy my little blog.  Please leave a comment to say hello if you are so inclined.

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  1. Hello there,

    I clicked on your link from Griz’s site expecting to see nothing as I thought it was a joke title and I was going to be another one of those fools who fell for it.
    However I am glad I clicked.

    I am also a fellow noob so any info that can be provided in order to prevent future mistakes is greatly appreciated.

    Ta Very much.

  2. Dirk Poulsen says:

    I also came from MMOFB. I enjoyed reading your Milking Noobs also. TKA and Griz have also made great changes for me and I look forward to all that is to come.



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