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Wealthy Affiliate Spam

At some point in my past (at least 3 yrs ago), I signed up for The Wealthy Affiliate Spam  program. Typical of most of these systems, they are heavy on the promises and light on the execution. I never really … Continue reading

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SPLORK is My New Favorite IM Blogger

I get ready for the day. I slip into my favorite cloak, light the lantern and place it high on the stern, locate a staff to guide my vessel through the sewage as I twirl my mustache with a knowing … Continue reading

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How to Become an Expert

The internet today is all about ‘the expert.’ These are the people who others look to in a particular niche – those that are sort of the public spokespeople for a cause or a product … or whatever you are … Continue reading

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Backlink Builders Take a Left Turn?

Hmmmm – is there something going on?  This past week has been deja-vu all over again … and over and over again.  It’s almost like there is some collusion going in with the ‘real’ IM’ers that I keep an eye … Continue reading

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Self-Appointed Internet Marketing Guru’s and Their Egos

Internet marketing these days is all about the gurus. Everyone’s an expert. Every one of them makes loads of money … (ya, right!) And everyone who makes a couple of bucks online fancies themselves a guru. You do NOT want … Continue reading

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How Far Will You Go?

RT over at Untwisted Vortex posts a very interesting IM question this week. “How Far Will You Go?” He asks this question in relation to how internet marketing seems to be so full of manipulation. Not overt, ‘I’m going to … Continue reading

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