The TKA ‘troll’ Algorithm Update

Warning – If you are not a member at TKA, please ignore the following post … it will not make any sense to you.

I’m going to refer to the following event as the TKA ‘troll’ algorithm update … lol.

So last week Mark (the owner of TKA) finally had enough of RJ, Deek (and a few others) there at TKA ridiculing other members and generally being negative toward specific people. Mark specifically told RJ and Deek to shut their flapping pie holes. Mark said it very nicely: basically saying, “if you don’t have something positive to say, sometimes it is best to say nothing. Preferable even.” Deek responded by whining to whoever would listen to him that he couldn’t say anything because people would think he was being negative. He then changed his name from Deek to ONegative as his answer to Mark … generally being a smart assed little dink.

RJ took it one step further and gave one of his long winded drawn out ‘opinion’ pieces and finished it by flipping Mark the bird with some statement how sometimes saying nothing is a bad thing, referencing some service provider who disappeared. Apparently this was Marks fault because he did not listen to RJ when he was on his rant against this service provider. Typical RJ: arrogant (I am sooo smart, and you are not) attitude.

Mark, finally having enough of RJ took him to task suggesting that he should leave TKA. Even going as far as saying he wished RJ would leave. Further, he mentioned that he was tired of RJ trying to schock his products and webinars at TKA. (Something that really bothered a lot of us – it is SOOOO cheesy to use someone else’s forum to try to draw members to your own products. The worst one is Shawn at The Content Authority and I notice that even today, he is still pointing people to his site even though Mark has done away with allowing service providers to advertise at TKA.) I won’t reprint what Mark actually wrote to RJ, as Mark has removed his statement from the forum … but Mark really let him have it. There were A LOT of people silently cheering.

As an aside, I know of 2 different forums that were created to provide a place for people to talk freely about TKA and RJ specifically. The one that I am a member of is hilarious with discussions like, “Look who got their panties in a bunch” and “I can’t stand it!” Typical conversations like:

There is one person in TKA who I used to think was just a little bit pompous. I didn’t let it get to me because he had the red badge next to his name, and I figured maybe he knew what he was talking about since he actually walked in to the forum wearing the badge.

In the past few days this person has moved from pompous ass to condescending a**h0*e who seems to believe he has truly mastered all there is to know about everything. Further, he is borderline insulting to others who have been part of TKA for as long as he has. He seems to have designated himself guardian of all that is good and pure in the Internet Marketing Universe and TKA forums. Any guesses?

Sorry. Just had to vent. I really need to avoid reading too many posts. Back to work.

Back to our latest drama:

Now, it turns out that Mark had told RJ in private that he was tired of his negativity and bullying. So, it’s not like he didn’t know that his actions were out of line … but arrogant passive aggressive types have problems seeing faults in themselves and so he ignored Marks more polite remonstrances. That was all last week …

So today, one of RJ’s fans writes “An open letter to Mark” on behalf of RJ … he has his minions do the dirty work for him. More cheezyness. People start writing to either support RJ or Mark. Deek (now ONegative), RJ’s number 2 man, jumps right in giving his opinion about how anyone who says anything bad about RJ should shut up because they are just as bad themselves. Deek, being the pansy that he is, later edits his comment to just say something about how everyone should stop the drama and that everyone should stop commenting for the good of the forum. This is absolutely hilarious coming from Deek! He’s been the center and one of the ringleaders of all the bullying, drama, riducule and general negativity on the forums … and now he’s lecturing us about creating drama??? So typical.

The funny thing to watch is how Deek is trying to deflect what Mark is pissed about. Deek keeps referring to this whole thing as just him having a different opinion than Mark … laughable! It has nothing to do with opinion, it is about him (and RJ) making fun of and ridiculing other members on Marks forum. Further, anytime somebody has a different opinion than the troll pack (RJ, Deek, Bag’oHammers, etc), they unite to gang up on that member … making smart alec comments and generally being condescending a-holes.

Mark has said several times that he wants the forum to be a respectful place where people feel free to ask questions and exchange ideas. The forum, at least until the TKA ‘troll’  update, was far from that. I do have to question the moderator (Lisa) on this point as well. She has repeatedly joined the troll pack in making fun of people who are worried about some thing or another that is going on with their sites. She is nice about it … but still encourages the ridicule by not denying it and joining in with her more gentle version of the ‘pile on’. Even during todays broohaha Lisa said “I also think some people are overly sensitive.” So when someone is ridiculing you and making fun of you on a public forum (that you pay to be a part of), and you don’t like it – according to Lisa, you are just being overly sensitive.  In that way she is still defending the behavior of RJ and his gang of trolls.

RJ who has not left TKA … has apparently apologized to Mark in private and did so on the forum as well. Of course he mentions nothing to any of the other members that he’s been a total jerk to. This is true to form … he won’t leave TKA because his ego needs the stroking. He will apologize to Mark because he recognizes that Mark is the alpha wolf here – but the rest of the pee-ons that he has made fun of over the past year with his ‘honesty’ and ‘straight talk’ can just suck it. Those that have left TKA because of RJ’s rude comments (6 that I know of … which means that there are probably many more) can suck it too I guess.

One of the people who signed up to TKA through my recommendation asked me the most telling question, “Why do they hate beginners so much here?” I guess that pretty much sums it up. Hopefully the ‘TKA ‘troll’ update’ will correct this perception.

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8 Responses to The TKA ‘troll’ Algorithm Update

  1. Mike says:

    More posts like this. It’s like getting the drama dose, without having to waste hours following it. You just summarize it, and I enjoy it in a short 10 minute read. *highfive*

  2. Milker says:

    lol – Thanks Mike. Yes TKA provides everything a person could possibly need to be completely independent online:

    – Complete instruction on how to make money online
    – Support for every step of the way
    – Backlinks
    – Friends
    – and ….. Entertainment!!! lol.

  3. Mike says:

    Made me wish I actually read that thread. I wanted to see Mark not act so polite for once. He’s too polite.

    I thought you said Lisa was a good moderator? 🙂

    And my favorite person with the TKA badge is probably Peter. He’s someone who can say “I’m helpful” and I won’t puke a little in my mouth. The man is a wordpress Macgyver.

  4. Milker says:

    lol – I hear you about Mark. I believe him when he says that his ‘outburst’ was completely calculated. It shook a lot of people up!

    Lisa is a good moderator … she’s pretty much always online. She generally stays on point and is friendly and encouraging. The only problem that I see is when she joins in when the troll pack is being rude to people. That is the part where she needs to separate herself from the crowd … like Mark does.

    Yep – Peter is amazing! He helped me with a problem with one of my old blogs that I had literally had half a dozen people try to fix. He had my problem solved in about 10 minutes all while he was watching TV. lol. I think Mark is genuinely helpful too, though I think he’s just spread too thin. Need about 4 or 5 more just like him. To bad he can’t be cloned. lol.

  5. Lisa says:

    You know at first i was annoyed about your post but if this is how you perceive me then something needs to be changed.

    “Lisa said “I also think some people are overly sensitive.” So when someone is ridiculing you and making fun of you on a public forum (that you pay to be a part of), and you don’t like it – according to Lisa, you are just being overly sensitive.”

    I do want to clear up something though. You’re putting words in my mouth here!

    and “That’s like telling a rape victim that she was just dressed waaaay too provocatively. ”

    Personally I take offense to that comparison. It’s a disgusting comparison and I wouldn’t have expected that from you.

    When i said some people are overly sensitive, i wasn’t talking about that particular issue at hand. TKA is a melting pot of people and as i mentioned you’re going to have all walks of life. I’m overly sensitive about things at times too. People are overly sensitive about tags, quality content, how they interpret things etc. Sure, sometimes i probably do side with Hammer or others that give out a bit of tough love but it’s because i see benefits in what they say sometimes, not always.

    If someones been around long enough and I know they can handle the discussion i’m not going to jump in and rescue it. If someones being drug through the dirt, picked on for a stupid reason or if it even looks like its going to get ugly i’ll step in. I’m here to moderate, not censor people. I’m not a hand holder. I’ve also stepped up many times for those that are getting rattled for asking newb questions because most forget what it’s like to be new. We’ve all asked those questions and they seem ridiculous to us now but thats because we’ve been around for a while.

    No one is going to be 100% happy with how i handle things. Not even myself. I know when I’ve made a mistake, but i do the best i can with the hundreds of personalities that are a part of TKA.

  6. Milker says:

    Don’t be offended at criticism. If you think it does not apply to you, then ignore it. I’m just one member passing on my personal views of TKA ….

    I’m assuming that you know who I am …. so you know quite well that I do not feel free to participate in the forums the way I once did. You also know that your comments towards me there were part of the reason why I no longer hang out in the forums as much. My mind has been better for it.

    Unfortunately when I do drop by, I see the same BS going on … and I am very happy that Mark sees it and has taken steps to stop it. Nothing personal against you at all. I say it again (because you keep seem to be missing it,) for the most part, I think you are doing a great job there – it’s not an easy job and I do appreciate how you have worked it out. The only small criticism that I have is that you tend to ramp up the ridicule sometimes instead of stopping it. It’s a small thing … nothing to be sensitive about. lol.

  7. Lisa says:

    Well of course i take offense when you compare something that i said to a situation involving rape and making it sound like I place blame on victims. that’s the only part that really got my goat. hypothetical or not it was in bad taste.

    I did see that you said i do a great job (didn’t miss it) and i appreciate that but it got lost in the part i mentioned above. But moving on….overall, thanks. 🙂

    So yes, theres my overly sensitive side coming out lol. See, we ALL have it. I don’t live in a glass house.

    And sure, there is our fair share of BS from time to time but overall i think that forum is tame compared to most. Could it be improved? Yes.

    Despite the drama and BS, theres still a lot of great information and help going on in and out of that forum.

  8. Deek says:

    Thanks for the kind words.

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