TKA 2.0: Is Mark the new Griz?

or … maybe Mark is Griz. lol.

So Griz falls off the edge of the earth, and a couple of weeks later Mark pops up and whips out TKA 2.0. (Is Mark really Griz? You never see the two of them in the same room … it’s either one or the other – never both.  Hmmmm.)

What is TKA 2.0 you might ask? Well, it is lots of things, but the main difference is that content is no longer thin and crappy. TKA 2.0 is now the home of the Epic Post!

First off, let me say that deep down inside I like the direction that Mark 2.0 is going. I’ve always been uneasy with producing copious amounts of crap content for a few bucks. In the real world, if you sold your customers nothing but junk, you would eventually run out of suckers (customers) and go out of business. The same idea applies online. There is some definite short term gain from putting up reams of content however thin, but in the long run you are really ‘selling’ junk to your customers. If you give them a face full of junk every time they drop by, eventually they will get tired of it and stop coming. Enter the Epic Post.

Mark 2.0 does not call his new content guidelines ‘Epic Posts’ … Griz did – way back in 2006 I think. Griz is/was famous for his long winded but very complete and informative posts about Making Money Online with his Blogger blog. Back when Griz was doing his thing, it was nothing for him to whip up a 3 or 4 thousand word post. Those posts were great! They flowed, were chock full of nutritious information and generated tones of questions and comments (free content.) Griz was the master of taking a keyword, and writing a long-tail keyword stuffed post that left you breathless when it was over.

Mark 2.0 (aka Griz) is now espousing the same type of content … rich and filling with none of the bloating. Mark says, ‘think of the searcher as your customer.’ Quality content is now king. Everything you write should be with the searcher in mind. Give them more than what they are looking for … leave them quivering and begging for more when you are done with them. (OK, enough of the metaphors … lol.) With this type of content, Mark believes that your site will be safe from the Google b*tch slap that so many of us have experienced. The content will just be too good to slap. Now, on this point, I’m not convinced. Because Google is using an algorithm and not humans to do the bulk of its slapping, a site with great content can still get knocked around. In fact many great sites were kicked to the curb during the last Panda algo update. However, if you do get algo kicked, you would have a good appeal case,  especially if you could get a real human to look at your site and content. So Epic Posts are not the total armour that will protect you, but they should be a good antidote if you do get hit by a poison Google algo dart.

There are other advantages to Epic Posts. The main one being natural links. Wait, where have I heard that before? Griz … Griz … Bueller … Bueller?

My goal with every new site I build is to avoid penalties and gain trust. The easiest way to do this is not to do anything other than introduce optimized content – either slowly or rapidly – makes no difference, just don’t build links. Be patient. Concentrate on optimized long tail related Posts/Pages and the SE’s will send traffic. More content = more long tail traffic. More traffic and surprise, surprise – real links will start to appear on their own or by legit means instigated by you and acceptable by G – in fact G is more than happy to give you a link themselves. (Surely some of you have learned how this is done by now?) If this sounds like just what G is looking for… it is. And it works – at least for legit sites in business niches. I’m just seeing if it will work in the cesspool niche we call IM/MMO.  – Griz.  Read about his new ‘natural links’ method here.

Real links … legit links … natural link building – it all sounds very Problogger to me. (Weren’t we supposed to make fun of Darren? Certainly not copy him.) While there are differences between ProBlogger and what Griz/Mark 2.0 teach now, the end results are the same. Good content that people will naturally link to = a natural link profile.  While Griz has completely gone over to the dark side, Mark 2.0 is still recommending building links.  And why not – it still works.  In fact the MFA method with tons of low quality backlinks still works and works well.  The question that Mark is trying to address is the longevity of it all.  In the long run, as I said earlier, I think Mark 2.0 will be a more stable and enduring way to build a site.

So, lets sum it all up.

  • Thin content is out.
  • Long Epic Posts with tones of longtail terms that provide quality information to the searcher is in.  It’s now all about the searcher/reader.
  • Backlinks – still part of the mix … for now.
  • Building a bunch of half-baked MFA sites … gone.
  • Erecting a couple of large stable sites with a good base of high quality content is in.

I like it.  Why?  It just feels good.

Thanks for listening – Milker …. out.

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One Response to TKA 2.0: Is Mark the new Griz?

  1. Leo Dimilo says:

    Best of luck to mark and Court teaching this stuff. I think that when it comes to natural link building, there is definitely a learning curve and a ton more work involved.

    You can pretty much throw out the “green” keyword business as well because it won’t apply when you jump into a market anymore. Competition suddenly becomes real people with their own unique USP’s and the links will be given under true merit.

    Then there are variables according to a market-by-market basis, which could have you shifting strategies mid stream. A bit of luck is also involved.

    Given all that, I would bet the failure rate would be higher than the success rate. Not everyone can win in this race. And when you take the rote step-by-step, spam links across networks and call them “guest posts” for ranking, suddenly you swimming in an ocean, not a pond.

    Best of luck to them. Best of luck.

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