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TKA 2.0: Is Mark the new Griz?

or … maybe Mark is Griz. lol. So Griz falls off the edge of the earth, and a couple of weeks later Mark pops up and whips out TKA 2.0. (Is Mark really Griz? You never see the two of … Continue reading

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I’m Confused …

Griz … the grand illusionist, has made a living reading Google’s mind. He has spent countless hours working Google over … finding weak spots to exploit and experimenting with wild abandon. The wily Ursidae has lately been advising against building … Continue reading

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The TKA ‘troll’ Algorithm Update

Warning – If you are not a member at TKA, please ignore the following post … it will not make any sense to you. I’m going to refer to the following event as the TKA ‘troll’ algorithm update … lol. … Continue reading

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Hand Wringing Continues at TKA

Clearly in response to the Google¬†algorithm¬†change, Mark at The Keyword Academy has provided, in a round about way, his opinion on the topic. Suddenly he has developed a conscience about the absolute CRAPPOLA that he has been submitting to his … Continue reading

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